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Which is the best carpet cleaning method?

Below are the 5 different types of carpet cleaning methods presently available - Review them all

Dry Foam

Foam Cleaning

The cleaner applies shampoo foam to your carpets allowing it to dry out and then without rinsing they suck up the dry shampoo with a household vacuum cleaner. Because the shampoo is not rinsed out with water afterwards it leaves a foam residue on your carpets, It's like applying detergent to your clothes to wash them, without rinsing it out with water afterwards it becomes sticky and quickly attracts more dirt, this type of clean is very similar to the process you would do with products available from supermarkets. because of no hot temperatures and low vacuum its not an effective clean

Absorbent Pad

Also known as Encapsulation Cleaning. A large cotton bonnet or pad is drenched in a bucket full of water and foaming detergents then set on a piece of equipment that operates similar to a floor polishing machine that spins and buffs the surface of your carpets. This is like using a bathroom towel to wipe the dirt off your carpets; it is not a deep clean. It just wipes the carpet surface, it leaves a sticky residue that attracts more dirt and as its a large rotating device its not possible to clean in corners, nooks and crannies and because of low temperatures and no vacuum its not an effective clean

Absorbent Powder

A moist absorbent sponge based powder is spread throughout your carpet then left to dry, the powder then supposedly absorbs and attracts the dirt surrounding it as it dries out, it is then sucked up using a household vacuum cleaner. This method works on the same principle of powder products available in the super markets which you shake on to your carpets before vacuuming; a common problem with this process is that the smaller sponge particles get entwined within the base of the carpet yarn as it's very difficult to vacuum out. with no hot temperatures and low vacuum power its not an effective clean

Portable Electric Machines

These portable electric machines are low powered and plugged directly into your 13 Amp wall sockets, The clean is achieved using lukewarm water from your kitchen taps as majority of these machines do not generate heat, you can liken their suction strength to your home vacuum cleaner which is inadequate for extracting heavy soiled water, The small amounts of soiled water that these machines do manage to extract then gets poured down your kitchen sink, these machines can be rented from your local hire or DIY stores, with low water temperatures and weak vacuum they dont provide a deep thorough clean and are ineffective in removing grime and stains

Truck mounted Steam Cleaning

Also known as hot water extraction, this is the latest technology in carpet cleaning and is currently the best and most thorough clean available for your carpets and upholstery. These machines are over 20 times more powerful than their closest rival and are usually used commercially to clean restaurants, cinemas, bars and hotels, so when theyre used to clean your home carpets you get a far superior deep clean and a much faster cleaning process. The machines are engine powered and built into the back of vans so remain outside. The operator simply runs 2 pipes into your home, they pre-spray 100% safe detergents into the carpet pile which instantly breaks down dirt. Steam then disperses out of the 1st pipe at up to 240 degrees Fahrenheit dissolving dirt and grime whilst the 2nd pipe produces enormous vacuum that instantly extracts all the dirt back into the waste tank built into the van outside. These machines have enough pipes to reach and clean up to 5th floor apartments.

The best and most effective cleaning process currently available

Find out below how we stack up against the rest - Compare us to our competitors

Average cost of cleaning
Equipment - per machine

Smart Clean

Smart Clean continuously invests in the latest equipment. When better machines get developed we aim to be the first to purchase and operate them. Our current machines on average each cost over 25 times more than a competitor with a portable electric machine

Cleaning Power
Machine Horse Power

Up to 1 HP
Smart Clean
21+ HP

Smart Cleans machines are over 20 times more powerful than the closest rival and are powered by a self contained engine fixed in the vehicle. We simply run 2 pipes into your home which is less invasive

Machine Vacuum Power
Cubic feet per minute - CFM

Up to 95 CFM
Smart Clean
Up to 400 CFM

Smart Cleans machines generate extreme suction which insures you can walk on your carpets straight away. Our competitors are limited to the amount of water they can extract due to the inadequate vacuum on their machines

Cleaning water temperatures
In Fahrenheit

Up to 65 ℉ (Luke Warm water)
Smart Clean
240 ℉ (Steam)

Smart Cleans machines are capable of heating water to steam; our competitors machines dont heat water they only clean with lukewarm water from your tap. Be wary of cleaners claiming they offer steam cleaning, always ask if they use a truck mounted machine

Drying Times
Walkable carpets

On average 2 to 4 days
Smart Clean
Walk on your carpets straight away

Smart Clean engine powered machines create massive vacuum volume that extracts the water as it disperses, allowing you to walk on your carpets straight after the clean, due to weak vacuum our competitors machines leave wet carpets that can take several days to dry out

Speed of service
Average house full of carpets

4 to 5 hours
Smart Clean
1 to 2 hours

Smart Cleans trained technicians work in pairs, so two operators clean your carpets and sofas at the same time. So the clean is completed quickly and thoroughly with no disruptions to your normal day, our competitors work alone with machines that constantly need filling and emptying making the cleaning process very time consuming

Number of cleaners that
attend to clean your carpets and sofas

Smart Clean

To achieve the best possible results, two people jointly cleaning your carpets & sofas are better than one person cleaning alone. Companies that do not send out 2 employees are cutting corners to reduce their costs and maximise their profit margin. One person cleaning alone simply cannot clean as effectively. Smart Clean technicians always clean in pairs because it insures a prompt immaculate service, it enables us to move and clean under your furniture attempting every stain whilst operating our powerful truck mounted cleaning machines

Dirty Waste Water

Poured down your sink
Smart Clean
Taken away and disposed correctly

Our competitors machine tanks are about a litre so they have to keep emptying the dirty water during the cleaning process usually they will pour the waste water down your sink or toilet. Smart Cleans vehicles carry 250 litre tanks meaning we never have to empty waste water in your home, All the dirty water gets sucked back into our tanks which is located in our vehicle outside, we take the waste water away with us and dispose it properly and safely, our water tanks are so large that we can usually clean several houses full of carpets without having to empty the waste tanks.

Cleaning Prices
Hall, Stairs & Landing

Average 68
Smart Clean
Exactly 53

Our competitors have to charge more because they come out to you and quote before they do the work. They take into consideration 2 trips to your home, fuel and time. So a lot of pressure tactics and up sells are utilised to maximise their sale. They dont always get every job they quote so they often make up for that previous loss by charging a little extra for the jobs they do get. Smart Cleans method is simple - "FIXED PRICING". We dont pressure sell nor do we up sell. We tell you over the phone how much it is, and that is the exact price you pay and not a penny more! NO HIDDEN EXTRAs

Move & Clean Under Furniture
& Expert Stain Removal

Extra Charge
Smart Clean
FREE - Included in the service

Most of our competitors work alone so are unable to move and clean under certain furniture as its sometimes not physically possible for one person to lift and clean under certain furnishings so may charge extra as it takes more time. And as certain stain removal processes can take extra time they charge extra also. Smart Clean technicians work in pairs so our technicians will move your furniture, clean under them then they put them back in place and also attempt to remove every stain they come across. its all included in the price with absolutely no hidden extras

Full Comprehensive Insurance
Including Treatment Risk policy

None or maybe only Public Liability
Smart Clean
Fully Insured including treatment risk

Our Competitor usually only carry public liability insurance which is a basic policy that is required for anyone operating as a business, public liability insurance does not cover for treatment risk they are two separate policies most of these traders are not aware of this themselves and assume public liability covers them. So if they are negligent or accidently damage your carpets or sofas they are not covered, Treatment risk insurance is very expensive and a lot of cleaning firms cant afford it so they skip it and take a chance. Smart Clean are fully insured and are also covered for Treatment Risk

Professional Company trading
from business premises

Part time traders & one man bands
Smart Clean
Semi National Company

Many of our competitors are self employed one man bands operating from their home and some only trade part time and hold a full time job elsewhere and just do it to top up their earning. Beware! Of These types of operators who just simply stop trading if anything goes wrong. Smart Clean are a well known semi national company who operate from business premises, please feel free to visit us at our offices, With over 50,000 regular satisfied customers and over 25 fully trained carpet cleaners, admin and sales staff. Smart Clean is the UKs largest independent carpet cleaning company

Six important questions to ask the carpet cleaner before booking

Q.1. What is their cleaning method?

You want to make sure your carpets are cleaned using the best cleaning method available, there are many types out there but the best and most effective method for carpet cleaning is steam cleaning.

Beware of companies that are vague about their cleaning method, they will usually try and convince you that there method works just as well or simply try and change the subject

Q.2. Do they use a Truck mounted machine?

Truckmounted machines are the latest technology in carpet cleaning and the only system that can steam clean ensuring you get deep cleaned carpets dry enough to walk on straight away...

Beware of companies that will try and convince you that a their machine works just as well, truckmounted machines are engine powered and remain fixed in the van outside. the operators simply runs 2 pipes into your home

Q.3. Will 2 technicians arrive to clean?

Two people jointly cleaning your carpets & sofas are better than one person cleaning alone. One person simply cannot move and clean under larger furniture and will more likely cut corners to get the job done. Two people cleaning insures a prompt immaculate service, it enables them to move and clean under your furniture, attempt every stain and complete the clean thoroughly

Q.4. Are there any hidden fees?

To avoid any unforeseen costs, before arranging the booking you want to know exactly how much you will be, so always ask if there are addition fees and also does the price include vat, Beware of companies that are vague about their prices as they are more likely to use pressure selling tactics to up sell when they arrive to clean

Q.5. Do they have Treatment risk insurance?

Always make sure that they are fully insured, you want to be certain that if anything goes wrong youre not left with ruined carpets and sofas. Beware of cleaners who state that they have public liability insurance. As this policy does not cover operator negligence, Make sure to ask if they have a Treatment risk policy

Q.6. Do they trade from business premises?

Youre giving your address out to this cleaning company so dont feel bad asking them where their head office or trading address is. Beware of companies who are vague about their trading address as youll be surprised how difficult it can be to contact certain cleaners if things go wrong post clean

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